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Cultivating math and English from an early age

The early education problems of the babies have always been the concern of the treasure parents, especially the mathematics and English interest of the babies, which is the headache for the parents.

Mathematics and English are both abstract and boring for children. To get babies to learn math and English, first of all, let the babies become interested in math and English.


First of all, in your daily life, let your child have a preliminary impression of the numbers.

When you take your child up the stairs, you can teach your child to read "1, 2, 3, 4..."

As a game, let the child have a concept of numbers.

Usually encounter the number on the billboard, or the license plate number, you can let the child try to read it.

If you buy fruit from home, you can also try to let your baby count

The digital exercises in these daily life are mainly to increase the child's impression of the number, so this exercise can not be too long, otherwise it will be counterproductive and make the child feel bored.


Second, English can start with the simplest letters around you.

A, B, C, D songs can also teach children

You can use letters to put some simple words

The first is to familiarize the child with the letters.


Today, this caterpillar beaded building block that Topbright introduced to you is a good helper for baby’s early education.


First, sound and light caterpillar, touch-type occurs

Stringing into the bead will touch the switch, and the caterpillar will glow


Second, the letters beaded, enlightenment cognition

There are 26 letters on the bead to let the baby learn the letters in the process of beading.


Third, beaded on two sides, different intelligence

Double-sided stringing, a few beads in the side will have the corresponding number of Chinese and English, inspire the baby's digital intelligence; the other side of the bead will emit do, re, mi sound, to cultivate the baby's musical enlightenment. Anyone wearing 10 beaded caterpillars will sing and sing a total of 6 songs.


Fourth, a variety of shapes, creative imagination

You can use the blocks to create a variety of shapes to enhance your baby's creativity.

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