Topbright Children are Susceptible to Colds in the Spring

<Topbright> Children are Susceptible to Colds in the Spring

Spring comes, warm and cold, and children at this time are particularly vulnerable to colds. Although the mothers have experienced and have a high degree of vigilance against the cold, the climate has changed too much this season. The cold is like a lurking bomb, and it can hurt the baby at any time.


Why are kids particularly susceptible to colds?

This is related to the physical characteristics of the child and the external environment.The children is young and their immunity system is not very immature while their nasak cavity is short, mucous membrane is soft, blood vessel is rich. If encounter a slight infection, they will be very easy to appear all sorts of cold symptom. The climate of spring is changeable that it is not easy to control whether to put on or off the clothes when children’s out. Blowing wind after sweating, and once be exposed to cold virus or bacteria will lead to a cold.


But moms don’t need to be too worry, even though cold is sometimes fierce, it can be preventable. As long as you pay more attention, you can avoid the child's cold as much as possible. For example, mothers can start from the following aspects to prevent.

1. Diet should be light and balanced.

Give children some fresh fruits and vegetables and less meat and snacks.Because of the excessive intake of oils and snacks, it can form an "internal fire". The internal fire causes low immune function. When it encounters an external cold or a cold virus, it will easily cause a cold.


2.Take more Exercise

Take more outdoor activities and more sun to improve children’s cold tolerance. And pay attention to put on and off clothes at the same time. In spring, this respiratory disease frequent season, as far as possible not to take children to crowded public places, or wearing masks, reduce exposure to pathogens.


3.Good hygiene Habit is also important.

Every time when we come back from outside, make children form a habit of washing their hands and educate them not to use their dirty hands to rub their hands and nose. In this way, we can prevent viruses from entering the body and reduces colds by infection.


In spring, moms should pay special attention to preventing children from getting cold.

And Topbright hope that these methods will help you.


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