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Frog Xylophone that Could Achieve Kids Music Dream


I believe most parents will not be unfamiliar with this toy - knocking on the piano

The childs absolute tone is inextricably linked to the early pitch perception.

A small toy knocks on the piano, which can establish the scale concept and pitch feeling of the child when he is young.

Looking around, all kinds of toys knocked on the piano from a dozen yuan to a few hundred dollars, and then chose the Tebao frog knocking on the piano.


Choosing this knocking on the piano, first of all, is attracted by the cute cartoon shape, and this year's hot travel frog adds a sense of intimacy.


Knocking on the piano a total of eight pieces of steel, just a complete natural scale.

Each piece is short in length and different in tone. When it is small, it can be used to give children mathematical enlightenment, including learning to compare and recognize colors. The larger one can instill the concept of pitch and tell the children how different pitches are produced.


Knocking on the piano received a slight smell, scrubbed with water, and dried for two days, basically no smell,

The baby can now consciously know that picking up the hibiscus to hit, although it will also take anti-small rafts, but also can not be knocked, but compared with the previous handcuffs only, there are already a few days Great progress, good toys are the development of baby's movements, but also increase knowledge,

I believe that there is another memory in the baby's music library.

Frog Xylophone Green

Adorable frog xylophone make clear and crisp sound and is a good help for music enlightenment of kids.

Functional Features:

1. Adorable frog shape with eight colors and a eight notes to attract eyeballs.

2.Crispy sound while pounding and feel the different timbre .

3.Cushion design to have more stable timbre.


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