Topbright Child Mixer Truck With Shape Sorter

Brand :Topbright

Item :120308

Age :18M+

Min Order Qty :100sets

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Topbright child mixer truck with shape sorter
Mixer Truck Shape Sorter

1. Mixer truck body becomes shape sorter to help babies' shape cognition.
2. Truck body is rotatable and unload the shape pieces from it easily.
3. Truck door is openable, a driver can be taken out or put in the truck.
This is a new take on a basic toy. It combines play and shape learning at the same time. The turning drum helps kids learn pattern recognition and sequencing. Also helps with visual stimulation and development, basic skills which are so important in their early lives. This is a fun way to develop and reinforce those skills as the kids play and explore.

shape sorter

shape sortermixer truck

Topbright child mixer truck with shape sorter 

This is a mixer truck simulation with building blocks of various shapes that could help babies practice their hand movement.

Functional Features:

1. Smooth wheels enable the car be pulled-and-pushed easily, truck bucket with shape matching for babies to better recognize shapes.

2. Vivid design, rotatable truck bucket and unloaded automatically as the bucket rotating.

3. A chauffeured car, and the car doors could open, more vivid and lovely.

Why choose Topbright toys ?

1.Product designs with patents

2.surpply test report by free,such as EN71,ICTI,CPC and so on.

3.Topbright toy materal:FSC,Water based painting.Strictly quality and safety control

4.product surport:color box packing,Five-layer corrugated cartons.

5.product Video,high definition picture,fashion cute model user picture.

6. sales surport: most of the brand product aways had stock.


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